Are we the antichrist?

I recently returned to Singapore to dust off my apartment and clean it up from a gay parade that had walked through my apartment while I were away. And even though I felt angry at my cousin, then I could not help feeling happy about that I was back, and it simply felt G-R-E-A-T to be home to get the smell of Singapore back into my mind and get to feel. Well, to feel like I am home!

I love this smell of Singapore. No, not the haze from Indonesia, but the smell that Singapore got. You know, the smell, that you don’t really think much about when you are home and have been there for a few weeks, but it is there in the air and greets you when you step out of the Airport and trying to get a taxi.

Trust me it is there, even though a friend of me claimed it must be my imagination that is running wild from the lack of spicy food.

Singapore just smells differently from any other place to me.

But what saddens me about Singapore and to come home to, is that the Muslim and Christian society of Singapore finally have found something not to fight about. Well, not with each other at least. But somehow the far out Christians and even further out Muslims have been able to agree on one thing, and that is that what while they don’t really like each other, then they agree on that Gay Men and Lesbians also known as scary Homosexuals – or LGBT’s are out to ruin Singapore.

(I am sorry you bi person who might be reading this post, but anti LGBT right groups in Singapore feel confused about you and your sexuality and have decided to ignore you for now, so they can give Lesbians and Gay men all their attention and love)

Even the leading candidate for the Singaporean Prime Minister post is out targeting Homosexuals in Singapore to get some cheap votes.

So now, if something is wrong with (insert topic of your irritation) then it is not only the white people (Ang Moh’s) who is at fault, then it surely is also all the Lesbians and Gay’s fault too. At least when it comes to homosexuals then they care less about skin color, even though they both agree on that homosexuality in Singapore is something else that they can blame white evil westerners for.

Worst is that MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) actually support the view on Singaporean Homosexuals, and in that way indirectly making it an official view supported by the Singaporean Government.

Making it hard to feel Singaporean at all

But what is it that they don’t like about us?

Is love and not war the greatest threat to the Singaporean society?

WE are a threat to families and family values!!

Somehow the only thing that we are planning to do, is to wait for the men of Singaporean families to go to Church or to whatever it is called – The Mosque – and then we will be invading their homes to seduce their women and steal their children away from them.

I don’t really get that thinking at all?

We are all for families and family values and it is a great part of what we are fighting for.
We are asking for acceptance.
We are asking for the right to marry.
We are asking for the right to have children and that both men or both women in a homosexual relationship officially can be accepted as parents to our children.
We are just asking for love.

And then we are a danger to family values??

Please explain that to me.

It’s not abuse, not infidelity, not ignorance, not loss of finances and jobs. It is us, we, the them, who is the biggest threat to Christian and Muslim families and family values. Oh yes and Humanity as a whole too while we are at it.

We the lady loving Lesbians and Gay Men are planning to bring down Humanity.

Eurovision is after all over, so what else are we going to do for the rest of the year than planning to take over the world?

Imagine that. Homosexuals and the rest of the LGBT gang – and probably unicorns and dolphins too, is the sole reason for the end of Humanity.

With gay men on our side, we will at least do it in style.


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