June is Pink Dot Month!

You do know that Pink Dot is over us again!

28th of June at Hong Lim Park, but you already knew that – RIGHT!?

In the last year, Singapore have not been as pink as I would like it to be. We still don’t have a gay MP, but we do have an PM candidate who openly speaks against LGBT rights and at the same time anti LGBT rights groups and voices are getting stronger.

The good news is that so are people from the LGBT community in Singapore! But it does not change that the dominant political Singapore continue to see Pink Dot and the LGBT rights movement as a stronger threat to their world views.

For better and for the worse Singapore now got a gay magazine, that more looks like a superficial gay version’s dream of Mens World magazine. But it’s there!

Personally I am looking forward to see positive changes in the coming years, but I also fear that Singapore decide to close around itself, and side with countries like Russia and Uganda, something that could likely happen, all depending on who will be setting the political agenda in the next year and years to come, and how much a threat they see Pink Dot as, and how much the Public Singapore decide to ignore the more than the 150,000 locals and expats who identify as LGBT’s in Singapore.

See Pink Dots new video below and Happy Pink Dot year!


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