Why Lawrence Khong needs Pink Dot more than ever

Now that Pink Dot is over and could report a stunning 26,000 participants, or almost 1 out of every 6 in Singapore who identify as LGBT in Singapore, then we can not only be proud of the most recent turnout, but also take pride in that more and more dare to step out and cherish and show their sexuality to the world and relatives.

For many in Singapore, just as in rest of the world, that is a big step to do. But in Singapore we have to fight with conservatism and a country that need to show that everyone are independent individuals and accepted as long as they stand in the same line and look and think the same.

This year have not only been different because of the large number of participants. The year have also been the first where the Pink Dot organizers had to arrange security for the event, and directly had to deal with a growing resentment from the religious part of Singapore.

But why are Pink Dot even a challenge to the religious Singapore? Pink Dot is not an religious organiation. because if it were, then Pink Dot would be the largest church in Singapore (and I would be a nun in the church of Pink Dot).

Pink Dot stand first of all for one thing.

Yes, it is also an event to celebrate homosexuality, but more important it also shows; that Singapore(ans) aren’t as conservative as many would like itself to believe, that Singapore is growing out of it’s own self inflicted campong identity and that is ready to stand more on its own as a country, that can respect and accept basic human rights – and still survive as an independent country.

So yes, what Pink Dot really stands for is change.

I know that the word change have been overused in the most recent years, but change is what is driving the Pink Dot movement. Just imagine what Pink Dot would have been if the Singaporean government have shrugged its shoulders and said “Oh you want rights? Okay, you got them, you can ROM, now you have my blessing to go fourth and multiply (and remember to vote for PAP in gratitude)”. Pink Dot would have been a shadow of it self if that have happened a few years back.

But change is scary for many.

Many know what they had yesterday and what they had last month and is expecting that what they had yesterday, is also what they will have tomorrow, because this is how they decide to see life in.

For Lawrence Khong, the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore, change meant that his church membership is going down and his flock is looking for security and salvation in other places. For him change mean loss of power – and loss of CD sales and membership fees.

Change mean that people are asking questions. If what he is saying is true and might even begin to Google what he is saying. Just for fact checking.

Lawrence Khong’s church have never had so few members as they have today and still even more are leaving his group every month, so he needed an enemy and or a focus that he could point his fingers at. This mostly to remove the focus from falling memberships, but just as well lawsuits against him and the church for misuse of church funds. So to him Pink Dot is the perfect villain.

Pink Dot is oh so public, it got a lot of followers, it get’s free media attention. But it does not have a strong or even a charismatic leadership, and it does not have it’s own government’s protection or support. Most important, the majority of the people who follow his teachings is uneasy about what Pink Dot and homosexuals would mean to them, since they believe that they do not have any direct contact with anyone who seriously could identify as a Pink Dot supporter, or even what a homosexual person really is.

So Pink Dot is in many ways the perfect punching bag for Lawrence Khong and other religious communities, because a bully is always looking for someone who does not fight back and is not a direct threat to their own cause. With falling memberships his only choice is to throw free punches at Pink Dot to stay public or the church would loose it’s members and it’s own identity even faster than they already do today.



What pet is most lesbian?

I accidentally started a longer argument about what pet is the most lesbian pet that all lesbians should have today. Didn’t do it on purpose, but had a brain fart when I overheard another couple discussing lesbians with cats. But apparently it is quite a big issue if you are a lesbian who likes dogs, or if you are a lesbian who are into cats.

And it all began with a discussion if it was too stereotypical and offensive to show a newly married lesbian couple who is hugging a cat, because who would EVER find themselves with a cat in the house and call herself a real Lesbian?

Lady stickers

Lesbian stickers, that made Lesbian dog lovers very, very angry.

Honestly with a few rare occasions I mostly meet lesbians who are into cats as pets (if any), and some who preferably got a cat that have been last minute rescued from a shelter of some sorts so they bravely could tell all their friends about their heart breaking rescue mission.

But that is just the kind of people that I generally meet and not that I take offense to lesbian dog lovers.

Decide for yourself. Is the above image of a newly married lesbian couple holding a cat offensive to lesbian dog lovers?


Oh the challenges that we face in life.


Remove batteries before you board the plane

Flight departures are delayed by all sorts of reasons: weather, drunk passengers, computer glitches among other. A story from Sweden are now adding a new – and quite embarrassing – reason to the list.

Just before a flight last Saturday morning were to about to finalize its boarding, the security staff became concerned about a suspicious object in a suitcase that was about to be loaded onto the plane.

The suspicious object was not a bomb, but 20-year-old Amanda’s vibrator that happily vibrated away in the trunk, that the poor girl was forced to remove from the suitcase in front of all the other passengers, wrote the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Amanda was on the way to the Croatian city of Split. But as she was waiting in the boarding que, she overheard that the staff were talking about her. The woman behind the counter were calling over the walkie-talkie, where another staff spelled Amanda’s name.

– I became frightened and said to the woman, that it was me where she then asked me to go with them because there was something that vibrated in my suitcase. And then I knew what it was, said the 20-year-old Swede.

The passengers who had already boarded, was forced to leave the plane and wait in the hallway while the security personnel came to Amanda with her suitcase.

– Everyone stood in the hallway and saw how I took the vibrator out of my bag and removed the batteries, said the Swedish girl.

– Some sighed, but most thought it was funny. To me the worst thing was that the guy who came with the suitcase was really delicious and that I had no one to talk to, because I was traveling alone said Amanda, who later tweeted about the incident.

The Swedish Press Officer from SAS, Henrik Edström, verified that the departure were delayed.

– The plane was not delayed for more than a few minutes, so no reports were made about the incident. So I do not know the specifics of the case, but it is true that the departure were briefly delayed, said the press officer. Who also assured that it was an exceptional case and did not that happen often.

– There are many different reasons why our flight is delayed, but I’ve never heard of anything like this myself.

So, note to self. Remove batteries before packing.

Bitches get stuff done

I happen to come a across this little list of “20 things lesbians are tired of hearing“. It’s fun enough. In particular point 19 that is flanked by the picture below.

I like it because it‘s about me. But that was also my only criterion of quality for this post here.

Bitches get stuff done

I don’t know if it’s really OK to say “bitch”. But I somewhat like the way feminists use the word, so I’ve decided that I belong in the group who reclaimed it. Bitches get stuff done.


Are we the antichrist?

I recently returned to Singapore to dust off my apartment and clean it up from a gay parade that had walked through my apartment while I were away. And even though I felt angry at my cousin, then I could not help feeling happy about that I was back, and it simply felt G-R-E-A-T to be home to get the smell of Singapore back into my mind and get to feel. Well, to feel like I am home!

I love this smell of Singapore. No, not the haze from Indonesia, but the smell that Singapore got. You know, the smell, that you don’t really think much about when you are home and have been there for a few weeks, but it is there in the air and greets you when you step out of the Airport and trying to get a taxi.

Trust me it is there, even though a friend of me claimed it must be my imagination that is running wild from the lack of spicy food.

Singapore just smells differently from any other place to me.

But what saddens me about Singapore and to come home to, is that the Muslim and Christian society of Singapore finally have found something not to fight about. Well, not with each other at least. But somehow the far out Christians and even further out Muslims have been able to agree on one thing, and that is that what while they don’t really like each other, then they agree on that Gay Men and Lesbians also known as scary Homosexuals – or LGBT’s are out to ruin Singapore.

(I am sorry you bi person who might be reading this post, but anti LGBT right groups in Singapore feel confused about you and your sexuality and have decided to ignore you for now, so they can give Lesbians and Gay men all their attention and love)

Even the leading candidate for the Singaporean Prime Minister post is out targeting Homosexuals in Singapore to get some cheap votes.

So now, if something is wrong with (insert topic of your irritation) then it is not only the white people (Ang Moh’s) who is at fault, then it surely is also all the Lesbians and Gay’s fault too. At least when it comes to homosexuals then they care less about skin color, even though they both agree on that homosexuality in Singapore is something else that they can blame white evil westerners for.

Worst is that MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) actually support the view on Singaporean Homosexuals, and in that way indirectly making it an official view supported by the Singaporean Government.

Making it hard to feel Singaporean at all

But what is it that they don’t like about us?

Is love and not war the greatest threat to the Singaporean society?

WE are a threat to families and family values!!

Somehow the only thing that we are planning to do, is to wait for the men of Singaporean families to go to Church or to whatever it is called – The Mosque – and then we will be invading their homes to seduce their women and steal their children away from them.

I don’t really get that thinking at all?

We are all for families and family values and it is a great part of what we are fighting for.
We are asking for acceptance.
We are asking for the right to marry.
We are asking for the right to have children and that both men or both women in a homosexual relationship officially can be accepted as parents to our children.
We are just asking for love.

And then we are a danger to family values??

Please explain that to me.

It’s not abuse, not infidelity, not ignorance, not loss of finances and jobs. It is us, we, the them, who is the biggest threat to Christian and Muslim families and family values. Oh yes and Humanity as a whole too while we are at it.

We the lady loving Lesbians and Gay Men are planning to bring down Humanity.

Eurovision is after all over, so what else are we going to do for the rest of the year than planning to take over the world?

Imagine that. Homosexuals and the rest of the LGBT gang – and probably unicorns and dolphins too, is the sole reason for the end of Humanity.

With gay men on our side, we will at least do it in style.

June is Pink Dot Month!

You do know that Pink Dot is over us again!

28th of June at Hong Lim Park, but you already knew that – RIGHT!?

In the last year, Singapore have not been as pink as I would like it to be. We still don’t have a gay MP, but we do have an PM candidate who openly speaks against LGBT rights and at the same time anti LGBT rights groups and voices are getting stronger.

The good news is that so are people from the LGBT community in Singapore! But it does not change that the dominant political Singapore continue to see Pink Dot and the LGBT rights movement as a stronger threat to their world views.

For better and for the worse Singapore now got a gay magazine, that more looks like a superficial gay version’s dream of Mens World magazine. But it’s there!

Personally I am looking forward to see positive changes in the coming years, but I also fear that Singapore decide to close around itself, and side with countries like Russia and Uganda, something that could likely happen, all depending on who will be setting the political agenda in the next year and years to come, and how much a threat they see Pink Dot as, and how much the Public Singapore decide to ignore the more than the 150,000 locals and expats who identify as LGBT’s in Singapore.

See Pink Dots new video below and Happy Pink Dot year!


Ha! missed me?

Sorry I haven’t been in the best mood lately, so didn’t feel a need to share with the world before today.

But you know what? I have just been home. Yes, HOME in Singapore for a little more than a week. Mostly to fight dust devils that have piled up since I last have been home, and to see that my cousin who had borrowed my place, proved that not all gay men are neat freaks.

And please just because you are out and proud now does not mean that you don’t have to throw out the trash before you leave – especially when there were two used condoms proudly announcing themselves to me when I looked down at it.

That reminds me that I need to disinfect the guest room.

It was fantastic to be home again, even it only lasted for a few days and made me realise how much I really miss being home in Singapore (for the positive parts of it).