My home is now finally complete

My sometimes straight friend wrote me earlier today.

No, I am not sure how “sometimes” fit in, but when I asked, his definition was that he was straight most of the time, with the exception of a weekend here and there – or a holiday with someone hot.

I would call that bi. But who I am to judge??

He like I had spend the day at a flee market, and it sounds like that if you want to attract lesbians and gay (or sometimes gay) men in Scandinavia, then don’t arrange a party, arrange a flea market where it is possible to buy something old, something new and maybe even something blue, and we will be flocking there like bees to honey.

And oh, how true that is. I mean I spend quite a lot of hours at one myself today – and thank you stall holders for not accepting creditcards, so all I came home with was a few new things that I don’t really need, but so much wanted when I found them.

Like a cute 2 layer cake stand that looks like it survived the German invasion and was in dire need for a lot of love from someone like me. So for 4EUR It won my heart.

By the way it’s called “taart standaard” in Dutch.

I always wanted one of those, but never really got around to get one, so now, FINALLY I have a proper home with a cake stand.

All I need now is cakes.

But somehow I imagine that people, friends, neighbors and strangers, will gladly give me their cakes or bring someone over when they learn that I got a cake stand, but no cakes.




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