And if you havent noticed it. Then

Easter is over, and so is my family trip to ulu-far-out-close-to-the-French-border-in-the-cheap-part-of-town-where-rednecks-breed, if you could say that.

But yes, I spend my Easter on such an unlesbian thing as a family trip with members of the family from dad’s side, and it is remarkable how different my Dutch and Singaporean family is, when it comes to homosexuality.

If you have followed my blog, just a little bit, then you would know the issues that I have with family members on moms side of town. But, yes, I know that I haven’t really spoken much about the other guys.

And not really about my dad either.

Well, I had fun – and some serious talks as well, but it is refreshing to be with people who is more concerned about income taxes and how to avoid peeling potatoes for 20+ people, than well, my sexuality.

Or like my uncle said “Lesbian! hah, look at what I have to pay in back taxes, then you will have something to complain about”.

Sure questions came up when some had too much to drink, but it was still Easterly questions like. “Do lesbians like Jesus?”, “Can lesbians be Christians?”, “What do lesbians think about Jesus getting nailed to the Cross – is nailed a gay thing?”, or my favorite “What is the major difference between kissing a guy and kissing a woman?” – my deadpan I-don’t-know-what-to-say answer to that was “Eh? I don’t have to be concerned about kissing on a sandpaper bearded face?”. Yes, I know! Was that really all that I in a hurry could think about? Apparently quick remarks and comebacks is not my strong side these days.

But I had a good time, and it was good to actually feel happy with the family for once. I mean the extended family.

I am still very dedicated to get this blog thing there to work, so keep up with me – OK! – and I already have more unfinished posts in the drafts folder, that I am working on and even walking around with many more things to say. But maybe I should just transform this into a podcast instead, to see if this works better for me???

Nah. I’ll continue to write here.



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