Should I run 5 kilometer or just eat 5 kilometer of candy?

I am overjoyed to be back in the so-called civilization!

In fact I was so ecstatic, so I immediately went out to hug my showerhead and not only because she got multiple speeds, but that it actually can supply me with endless amounts of transparent water that I don’t feel disgusted about, and don’t smell like a cow just cleaned its mouth in it.

What I don’t understand is that I on my, hmm, what is it now? 10 day trip?? was on a strict “backpacking” diet and actually managed to slightly gain weight???! To me it would be like eating my way through 5 kilometers of candy instead of doing a 5 km uphill run through town?

Either that, or a fashionable dressed Ninja broke in and reset my bathroom scale while I was away.

Hmm, not a bad thought after all – in some way.

Anyway, a mystery that need to be solved after I have slept.

It’s not that I am overly dramatic about my weight, but I did Google “liposuction” in a brief weak moment. You know, just to see what kind of results the Google machine would be suggesting me to think about.

But nothing gay happened on my trip. It was solely a need to complete my personal project, in maybe not a perfect way where I could jump up in the air and say “Yay! nailed it!!”, but in way where I could feel some kind of a closure to it.

So now I feel strangely empty and void of all… okay, most of my inner irritations and frustrations, about being told that I just had to let it go. But it is done, and I feel not only empty, but that I am D-O-N-E and I finally can begin to focus on something completely else in my life.

Or maybe it is just because I am so exhausted that I need to go in an hug my pillow and smell my freshly made bed?

Okay, I promise you, that my next posts will be more gay in their topics – if that is important to you.



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