Nothing new from here, thanks

There is so much that I want to write about, but have lately been swamped with work. Both self-inflicted work-overload and these “life just want to throw everything after me at once” situations.

But I am away on an assignment and is now spending my night on the worst wifi/satphone connection ever on this planet, while I am trying to upload and download emails in a place that is just one star above -5 stars and a “OMG what I am doing here” apartment situation.

I would have loved to write about this woman, who repeatedly contacted me on wordpress – and stalked me a little online just to get in contact with me, so she could meet up with me and… hmm…. well you know personally give me some sort as a thank you for being awesome I guess. But call me blur – yes really, because I didn’t realize that anyone would get that excited about my brief writings.

And she even found my old OKCupid and not-updated-in-ages profile who is horrible long and to some degree embarrassing.

(But there are really only one person on my mind)

Well I would like to write about my big F.U. letter to my boss and employer – and their F.U. reply to me when they learned that I continued my little pet project after I was told to drop it and hand it over to someone else. That by the way was just as precious to me as that ring was to Gollum.

So I might not have a job when I return home in a few days.

Explanation of the word CIS – and why I hate it. Yes, I got more than a few emails asking about what it meant. Something that I am happy about, because then I am not the slowest Lesbian in the world after all.

Oh yes I wanted to write about the White Party in Singapore too, something that I won’t be able to attend this year either.

But as I said, there are simply so much on my desk these days, so the blog is pushed slightly to the side, but not forgotten, as someone asked me about.

And I am still dedicated to it.

Just need a few more hours of personal life at the moment.

Everything is well (or so, so) here and I promise that I will be practicing my blogging next week – about around Wednesday (maybe Thursday), where I will try to post 3 or 4 blog post within minutes. So get excited!



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