Lesbian you say? Well, I am sorry but then you are going to die!

There are 10 countries in the world that you should avoid going to, as being lesbian there, is punishable with death.

  1. Yemen
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. Mauritania
  5. Nigeria
  6. Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Somalia
  9. Sudan
  10. United Arab Emirates

Isn’t it just crazy scary? So utterly creepy. I mean, just think about it .

Death by hanging just because you are you – or me?

The only thing you did wrong was to love the one you love and then someone else might come up to you and say “Sorry, but you must die, right, now!(!!)”. Just imagine that.

Gay men has it harder than lesbians in the world – I guess that gay men must just be crazy scary for straight people. But there are, nevertheless, according to data on ILGA.org ( International Lesbian , Gay, Bisexual , Trans and Intersex Organization ) several countries where “female to female relationships ” can cost you 10 + years in prison – or up to life, if you dared to hold your lovers same sex hand in public (Iran).

Just imagine that!

By the way! If you haven’t seen this post that I made earlier, then you should take a look at the video, that was posted there, NOW!

Speaking about all this.

I immediately wrote a Saudi freelancer that I have been working with, on, on and off projects, asking him a “WTF” question about his country.

“Hey, are your country killing lesbians just for being lesbians?”,

“No, we only stone them. If they die, then it is only a byproduct of their sins”.

“Uhm, you know that I am Lesbian right”.

“Yes, but you are not Muslim” and a little while later “And I can overlook it, since you are paying my salary” and even later “And that you do not look lesbian”.

hmm, that was good to know.

I think.

Speaking about that list. I had no idea that there even were a country called Mauritania?? I usually don’t think that I am that hopeless when it comes to geography. I am sure that I won’t be visiting them anytime soon anyway, so no loss there.

And, by personal detailed investigation, then I can firmly tell you that there are a rather “large” gay and especially lesbian population in Dubai, who is located in United Arab Emirates. But after reading about this, and that raped women can go to prison, simply for being a rape victim. Then I make sure that I will not even make a transit landing there.

But it is a scary thought that for some people and whole countries out there, that if you are a lesbian, then you must die just because you are who you are.


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