Will Singapore soon follow Uganda??

Sigh, working through the internet to find a cheap ticket for my return to Singapore.

I was supposed to book it last Thursday, but because I was sick, something that continued well into the weekend and ruined it for me, then I didn’t get around to open up the browser to search for a ticket. Yes, I did have time and energy for Literotica, Online shopping – and window shopping for new clothes and books, but just didn’t get around to search for a ticket…


But then, while I am searching for a ticket that I am willing to pay for, then I began to wonder. “Do I really want to go back?”, not only for the next couple of days, but I mean, actually move back home again?? I mean not only so I can outrageously flirt with you know who you are, but to get home and get my place dust free as well – among other.

Yes, I miss Singapore every day these days and as soon as I land, then I will be spending the next couple of days in a hawkercenter fattening myself up in everything that I at that time can think of. Even hearing the Singaporean accent again gives me a little joy.

But at some point in my own thoughts, I come around to Associate Professor Khairudin Aljunied, who linked likened lesbianism to “cancers” and the fantastic weak reply from the NUS (National University of Singapore), about his Facebook update. Something that is remarkable compared to the number of gay staff at NUS and the support Singapore’s gay community in general gets from that age group who NUS is trying to attract. I can’t help comparing that to what I have to deal with from some of my relatives from mom’s side, as well as the number of unread mails that I got from them, that I have in my inbox and that I just don’t want to open and read these days.

Of course there is also the thing with Oogachaga and Gay male magazine Element who decided in their own glory to support IKEA and nominate IKEA Singapore for a gay award even though IKEA recently decided to censor an article about a lesbian couple, where Element “It’s not our problem, it is the lesbian communitys problem” magazine and it’s all male panel of judges didn’t feel bad about nominating them at all. So what I can be sure about, is that in Singapore, lesbians and gay men does not stand together fighting for the same rights at all.

And I just don’t freaking understand how Oogachaga – a counseling and support NGO for the LGBT community just can say “Who cares about Lesbians, we focus on Gay men”, when their mission statement is trying to embrace everyone who need support.

So some parts of me is saying “Yay I am going home!”, while other parts of me is thinking “Meh, isn’t life better here where I am now?”, because it feels like Singapore is moving closer and closer to Uganda’s stand on Homosexuality and further and further away from Netherlands accepting stand.


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