About yet another time with the flu

I am sick – Again! I almost want to scream. Haven’t I been sick too many times in the last year? Yes I think so. You know sick in this evil Influenza way, where the head explodes and the nausea is rising in my throat.

But thank you for my sister and her gardener / retired delivery man, who was sent over with some Chinese herbal soup from mom’s collection of healthy recipes. It tasted like a mix of wet socks and a dead feathered eagle by the way. Yes, I am not overly fond of it, but it is surprisingly effective. Or maybe it is just my body’s way of saying “no thanks, I am not going to suffer one more potion of THAT!“.

My dad’s solution would have been a taste of moonshine. And equally foul tasting by the way.

They were both doctors and always had alternative solutions to cure an Influenza or a flu. Not by medication and loads of pills, but by using alternative solutions! Thanks dear parents! That really gave me a trust in our health system.

And, I so have to be able to go through tomorrows 2 times 2 hours of teaching because it is my last day, and I can’t end it with a sick day. So I have no othere choice than to listen to what my sister have learned from my aunties and mom. I never had an ear for it, but my sister was like a sponge when it came to all these Chinese remedies and dances to make someone healthy again.

But spending the day on the couch is not my day of a fun time, so I spend it by looking at the TV who continously send reruns of Paradise Hotel, Masterchef USA and Holland. Plus a large number of reruns from the winter OL – who in their serious mind actually look at reruns of Curling??

Apparently my brother does from Singapore…

“It’s a gentleman’s sport,” he said (to my great delight) when he for the twentieth time tried to explain me the rules. I just think it’s a really stupid sport.

There are no judges, because the players agree everything between each other. But perhaps that is also a pretty clear symptom of an exceptionally uninteresting sport.

And the players mistakenly look like something from IT support.

But my brother is like “aahhhhgh why can’t Singapore compete in this sport! It’s so freaking easy that even I, could get a Gold medal from it”. And since, Thailand, India and Philippines were represented in the Winter Olympics, then I am slightly surprised to know that Singapore “lost face” by not being represented at all, when almost all the neighbors were.

Hmm apparently Singapore did have some plans to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics according to wikipedia, but I guess someone forgot to tell the gov that it is not enough to build an Ice skating rink, but that it also need someone to be able to skate.. details, details.

I don’t really get Paradise Hotel, but give me MasterChef (or was it Hells Kitchen?) and Gordon Ramsey and I am all over it.

Speaking of Singapore; I’m coming home for a few days. My work trip have been postponed because of freaking “insurance issues”. Gaah!! once again! – It’s my boss way of saying “I don’t really want you to go, but I am too scared of you, to tell you not to”.

I am going back to tell my brother to back off from my little project that he almost have hijacked from me. A little support from S and R, gave me the insights to take it back and the energy to think about what I am going to do with it, but maybe in a different way that I initially thought about – less provoking to the Singapore gov. since everyone around me is so scared about what the gov. is planning of doing to me if I am going forward with it.

This week will be more active and I already have lined up a post about how my nose almost got punched by “Inclusive” Lesbians at a queer pop-up festival, because I asked too many questions, and another post about why it is not okay to call myself Lesbian any longer – Yes, the word lesbian is apparently the evil straight peoples way of keeping women who love women down in the dirt.


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