Lesbian rock bands?

After reading about Vanessa Mae at the Olympics, I refound her music to see if she had done anything different since last I was aware of her. But nothing new there and I have to say that I was surprised to hear that it was her, that mom used to scream at me – “If she can do it, then you can do it too” – about, when I didn’t go to my piano lessons in my teens. But honestly I really hated pianos then, and even this day today.

Violins too. Can’t stand them.

It’s the same with classical music. It’s for dead people and I need to Rock – and dance!.

Maybe it is because that I was forced to do something that I didn’t like, but today as it was then, then I felt more connected to a bass guitar than any other musical instrument, and I was actually at some time quite good at handling her, but I have to admit that I can only try to look cool with the guitar these days. The music is kind a lost on me.

Anyway, when I need to clear my head – back in Singapore – I either go for a very long run, or take long drives down East Coast Parkway, CTE or PIE, while I listen to for example Lesbian Bed Death, Black Sabbath or whatever I can come up with and where I at the same time can scream my lungs out.

Driving and screaming my frustrations or whatever out, while listening to excessive loud rock music is so liberating that I can only recommend it to anyone – You should try it – I usually do it in the middle of the night, you know that time at around 3, 4 or 5 in the morning on where only drunk drivers and kinky pervert’s is out on the road.

Lesbian Bed Death is not a lesbian band at all by the way, but I like their music and there is only that much I can take listening to Uh Hu Her or whatever.

Do you know of any lesbian punk, rock or metal bands? All female bands is okay too as long as they are good.

Btw I only got two more days (25th and 27th) to teach before it is over again.


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