Everything is awesome

Or did I just brainwash myself?

It’s Friday and I jumped out of the bed to make jumping jacks, got into office humming “hum, hum, huumme humme (Everything is Awesome)”, then I know something is wrong. Very, Very wrong.

Yes, I am sorry for not posting for a week – or slightly longer – but isn’t everything awesome? Nah – I have been busy with life, well, work. Am for the local uni “teaching” two classes Tuesday and Thursday beside covering my full time job before and after that.

Oh and in the meantime I got myself brainwashed by Lego’s stupid title song to “Lego the movie”. And yes I do know that I didn’t capitalize the word “Lego”.

Anyway, It all started with my colleague who is sitting opposite me began to hum the song “Everything is awesome” a few days ago, and now I can’t get it out of my head either and even began to hum it myself after I watched the trailer on YouTube.

But haven’t you noticed how many negative thoughts can get obliterated by just humming a few words from the song?

“Oh man do I have to deal with yet another gay hater” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head.

“Oh no, it’s Friday!! Then it means that it’s going to be Monday soon! Gaahhhh!” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head.

“Grrr speeding ticking” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head

“No, No, No!! My boss is coming over to me and he is carrying a pile of paperwork my way” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head

“My colleague is dating my ex and I hate her for it” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head.

“Wtf? No more food left in the cafeteria!” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head

“Zombie outbreak?” – Hum “everything is awesome” in your head

I guess that tune is the opposite as “It’s Obamas fault”.

Don’t listen to the song till the end, then it begins to sound like something that PAP would love to turn Singapore into and would probably make it the national anthem if they got the know about it. And especially the “Instructions to fit in and always be happy” is something that I could imagine that the KPI happy government could come up with, and launch a serious multimillion dollar campaign for at the same time.

Instructions to fit in and always be happy (in Singapore according to PAP)
1) Breathe in
2) Smile
3) Do Jumping Jacks
4) Clean yourself (yes please)
9) Eat a complete breakfast with all the special people in your life
11) Greet your neighbors
12) Obey all traffic signs and regulations
13) Always use the turn signal
14) Don’t forget to smile
15) Always return a compliment
15) Do not complain. (wtf! 37$ for a starbucks coffee!!” – oh sorry “yay” and inner voice singing “Everything is awesome”)

Hmmm wait?? Didn’t they launch that campaign already???

Freakish moment earlier today. My boss circling around my desk while he is humming “everything is awesome”. It felt like he would find it awesome, but someone else might find extra work, or would just get to regret life in some way before the weekend began.

If you haven’t seen the trailer and is just confused about what I am saying, then see this.

Yes, Yes I know. Another silly blog post.


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