While everyone else is preparing for CNY i’m preparing for school

I’m not going back to study, even I sometimes wish I could do that.

No, I’m for the next month going to teach. !!!…. Yes ol’ little me is going to stand in front of a lot of strangers and say something smart while they all are looking – or staring with their mouths open – at me. Hmm that sounds rather scary by the way. I don’t mind attention, I just feel uncomfortable about becoming the center of attention. Any kind of attention from more than 4-5 people at a time feels kind a scary to me.

I was asked by my immediate boss (I got a few), that if I wanted to try on taking a class in the local uni, on the topic “Journalism in Asia”, on how the political systems is for foreign journalists and how to operate in them. I jumped into it without thinking of what I said yes to, and now I am going to have the first class on Tuesday the 4th.

I am partially freaking out inside of myself right now.

Especially when I earlier today got a call, asking me if I needed anything and what they should prepare for my first class. Oh and if it would be okay to split the class up into two, because 50 people have signed up and requested to participate in it. Initially I was told, that a maximum of 20 people – tops! No more than 25, would attend. Now there are 50! and I am getting cold feet, so thanks for letting me know only a week before I begin.

I am going to teach Tuesday and Thursday through February, 4(2+2) hours per day, so in total 32 hours instead of the 21 hours that initially was agreed on.

Broadly I am going to cover 8 countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan & China/Hong Kong, and if there is time, then quickly cover Australia and New Zealand too. I doubt that I will have much time left, but I got the material and presentations ready.

Taiwan, South Korea, Brunei and India among other will be skipped because I don’t have the needed time.

Style check:

  • Hair Bun – Check!
  • Black Rimmed Glasses – Check!
  • Practice strict facial expression in front of the hall mirror – Check
  • Try various styles of clothes – Check, Check and Check.
  • Cane – Check… hmm better not. Uncheck.

Okay, I’m ready.

Sort of.



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