Used panties and a ‘proper’ girl

I think I’ve always felt a bit like a ‘nice girl’. Maybe it’s a completely erroneous assumption, but it is probably because I came from a … hmm … something nicer background than the majority of the people I hung out with did – or at least my mom told me that I did. Dad was always “yay diversity!”, “but don’t get pregnant with any guys who has tattoos on their dick” – Yes he actually said that when I was a blushing 16 years old!

Well I was definitely the only one who was forced to do both piano, ballet and posture lessons at an early age – yes I had a parent who dreamed of a prodigy child…. like so many other f..k’ed up Singaporean parents…..

I’ve never really tried my hands at shoplifting, I drank my first beer (too) late, never been the one standing outside Zuok puking myself to pieces and I have never smoked either.


I got this feeling of being a little too neat and orderly that today is reflected in that I walk around with a pretty hefty anxiety that if I am acting too naive, spoiled or overprotected.

As in when I browse around on the interweb and see an advert for the following:

“Purchase and sales of used sex toys and lingerie”

.. And my first immediate thought is, “no, that is freaking disgusting to sell! Who in the right mind would buy anything like that as a secondhand item!? It’s some of those things that just have to be bought as new!!”

I did manage to think that thought to the end, before it dawned on me that, that might actually be the whole point, that it was used and dirty.

I told you that I am sharp and cunning – after a while.

From there, I wondered if there really was any real profit to be had in this kind (why not triple the value of my H&M panties). It may well be that I am naive. But I am also both a lesbian and a beancounter when it comes to money.

So I investigated.

But it turns out that it’s pretty limited in what you get for your old knickers unless you are providing video and photographic evidence. And that is there where I say stop, the idea of a dirty old man – yes I can’t in my wildest imagination believe that any women would buy second hand panties to well, you know.. – get to smell anything that I have previously worn is too urg, odd.

But it turns out that it’s pretty limited in what you get for your old knickers unless you are providing video and photographic documentation. And that is where my modesty makes a full stop.

So I am an little uptight when it come to that.

Uptight much?

Yes, just a little I guess.


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