Me an online Hermit

I was working on another post about my slight irritation about K. No! not K from Men in Black. eew Gross! But K as in K my ex. Anyway it’s not about her.

But I was writing about that post, when A.N my coworker (yes if you had been just a little faster you would have noticed that I first wrote cowhorer, whatever that might mean,)  who coincidentally also is part of my blog post, send me a Skype message.

“Why are you an Online Hermit!! I can’t find you on Facebook!!”

I can only agree with her, I am an online Hermit.

I am not on Facebook any longer and haven’t had an account for a few years now. It does not stop me from Facebook stalk friends or people that I find interesting by the way. But a personal Facebook account. Nope don’t have one any longer, and it’s because I felt that Facebook has turned into something that is close to social porn, where you have to expose yourself to such a degree that nothing is personal any longer.

It almost turned into an almost mandatory bodily function that if you went to the toilet, where you might have to do number 1 or maybe even number 2, then it was a must that you had to do number 3 too! – checking your Facebook and Twitter account to see if you missed something while you had your knickers down around your ankles.

But really guys? get a freaking life! and remember to disinfect your phone after you had it in your hands in a public toilet!

I am back on Twitter btw. I had to contact a person who only had a Twitter account to be contacted on, so well, no choice. Then later I also ended up asking what’s her face on TYT on where she got some boots that she had on, on a show, but else I am almost absent from there as well.

Yesterday morning I got an email from an US employer that I from time to time to do some freelance work from, where they requested access to every permanent staff and freelance staff’s Facebook account who is providing them with materials.

I replied back to the HR person that send it out – and very classy to see that the email was send publicly with every email address in the TO list instead of BCC – that I didn’t have an account on Facebook any longer and therefore couldn’t give them access.

45 minutes later I got the following reply with a cc to my contact “Please reactivate your Facebook account and give us access to it, or we are unable to receive materials from you any longer.”

hmm bye, bye from me.


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