What kind of perv are you?

I found out how to see what people are searching for when they find the blog on a search engine (and now I want to stab my eyes out). It made me wonder what kind of perverts who are searching for these words and then end up on my blog? I am quite sure that they end up disappointed when they see the blog.

The worst 10 search words that made their way to this blog.

10) lesbian 3 on one
9) make her shave
8) 50 ways to leave your lover
7) lesbian porn
6) lesbian only turn straight
5) fake books (I’m sure it should have been something else)
4) no lesbian singapore
3) singapore lesbian 2014 i love her s….. (sorry I really had to remove that!)
2) little girls lesbian

and number 1!!

1) singapore lesbian we stalk her by cars 2013 2014

 WTF!? I really would like to talk to whoever typed in number 1 and get him (yes I am biased for a moment) to explain himself. And then I would like to have a word with his mom on banning him from the Internet.


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