The Zombie army of Apple is after me. RUN!

What follows below is the dullest you will ever read. So now you know and can stop now before you get the urge to poke your own eyes out or sue me for wasting your time.

Here goes .

Almost all of my friends in the Dutch Club L Circle, have acquired MacBooks in the time I’ve known them. Apple should give me money. Or at least an iPad because I must be a very compelling non Mac user since everyone around me gets converted to Mac.

My chronically unemployed butch friend who is living a few streets down from me, is even nerdy enough to have dug deep into an “I hate everything Apple, can’t do a damn thing, PC rocks!” until she today dropped by and just stood in front of me as she clutched the silver colored baby wonder to her chest in a way that would leave you jealous, and uttered the words, “I will never get rid of her again. Ever.”

S…. back in Singapore have for years and years preached the Apple gospel until she out of the blue converted to Android and apparently very pink PC (lol), that she hates like nothing else. So I have a feeling that she too will rejoin the Lesbian army of Apple.

That’s it.

I told you it was boring.

Oh yes, I am slowly about to give in to the zombie army of Macbook users as well, and found myself gazing into the church of an Apple store earlier today.


One thought on “The Zombie army of Apple is after me. RUN!

  1. Haha ha I don’t know what is worse – to own an airhead or a (pink) retarded. I will pop a champagne when my retarded decides to retire lol

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