Could a local Lesbian Magazine work in Singapore?

Would you like your own Magazine? A Magazine that only focus on you and represent your sexuality and gay life in Singapore and South Asia?

I have for quite a while wondered if that would be a way to get back home to Singapore on.

I’m not going to work for a Singaporean publisher or media house EVER AGAIN and I am at the point where I am hmm, not tired of my current situation, but at least open for a change.

The thought have been bouncing around in my head, and I have made contact to people who already have published work in Curve Magazine (US), Diva Magazine (UK) and LOTL (AU) just to get their input. It’s been a good 50/50 if I should do it and if it could work financially and editorially.

I have been talking to magazine designers, designers who already have an interesting record both in the printed and digital world, who have given me some interesting and challenging feedback – especially in the subject of hidden costs in running a magazine.

With regards to content, then I wouldn’t have any troubles in finding people to supply me interesting material and articles from outside Singapore, and to a certain degree by freelance as well as getting staff writers in Singapore. But getting good work from within Singapore with regards to the scene could on the long run provide a challenge, when thinking of continued delivery of new and original content. I was advised to maybe one with a broader reach, such as including South Asia as a whole instead – meaning focusing on Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as well as producing it strictly as a digital subscription instead of a Printed, or a Printed + Digital. Then it might work out where it could be profitable within a few years.

The scary part in that line is “within a few years”.

But the question is, would you dare to have it in your room if I made a printed magazine and if you are staying at home, like a lot of single lesbian Singaporeans do? Would you, (miss maybe in the closet,) dare to buy it at a magazine stand? Or should it strictly be something that you could have on your beloved tablet and computer?

Would MDA object to it? Would the conservative Singapore freak out?

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2 thoughts on “Could a local Lesbian Magazine work in Singapore?

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