Do any Singaporeans annually migrate to Dinah Shore?

I have been to two Dinah Shore Weekends in Palm Springs and went to the Dinah Las Vegas last year too. But I have never met a Singaporean at either of the parties. It should after all be the one annual migration spot for lesbians of the world – right?

Nah maybe not, but I have met lesbians from Australia – who is flocking to the place, Lesbians from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and even South Korea oh yes and Philippines too!. But anyone else from Singapore? (or Malaysia) No, if they were, then they did a very good job at hiding out in the closet – or just ran when they noticed me….

Here is a little video from Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, think that one was from 2011.

Now you might think “Oh I am not 24 any longer, so I don’t party”. Tough on you sister, because at least 10% or more were above 37. So there is plenty of room for you too!

Dinah Las Vegas is on April 24th to 27th, 2014
The Original (I was asked to write that) Dinah Shore Weekend, Palm Springs is on April 2nd to the 6th, 2014

So let’s end it with this message.

( 2.07 and onwards – so true)


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