In which I was asked “Why do you say F*** so much on your blog?”

“You never do that anywhere else?”

Yes I am ashamed to admit that I have on several occasions on this blog said that word (I have now gone back and censored myself). Something that I usually never do. Okay, almost never. I mean say that word or words you know.

I have always been told and scolded that it was very unladylike and bad manners to say these and hmm, several others and young women who said these “would never get married“, so I guess that I am a little socially damaged when it comes to conversations that demands more than a “darn”. But that does not really apply to my internal voice, who happens to have no filter at all, and quite often, when I write things down in a non-work related environment – like a blog, then my sometimes colorful lyrics can end up without a filter. So yes, inside myself there is a butch chain-smoking rock chick who wants’ to come out.

But it’s true, every time – or most of the time, even when I am now well into in my 30’s and getting closer to the hmm-ties (the age that may not be mentioned… yet), then I still hear my mom’s voice and see her scolding face, when I am about to use some serious curse words out in the real world. Most of the time, that put a stop to how I really want to express myself, in whatever moment I now am in.


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