Check my boobs

… And many others. Or not. Mine is not uploaded (because I don’t have psycho exes,) – I think. But no, I am sure that you won’t be able to find a photo of them or any other naked pic of me online. It’s one of those “small” things in life that I am paranoid about.

Anyway, this post is about this website that I bookmarked a few years ago, but came up as a suggestion when I was about to look for something else – and no, I am not going to tell you what I was supposed to look for.

Normal Breasts

Okay I am going to tell you anyway. I found the website, when I in irritation from a tweet, where someone complained about the shape of women’s breasts that I Goggled – you guessed it – “normal breasts”. But as soon as I clicked on picture search, picture after picture of adorable firm breasts behind triangle bikinis who without a shadow of braces and padding appeared on the screen, that it dawned on me that it was about time that I deleted my search history from the computer, but also that when I had typed “normal breasts” in the browser field in Firefox that it also came up with a starred suggestion. Back to look and then tadaa! There it was again, after so long.

And the page made ​​me sooo happy. There they are. All the long, round, quirky, small, large, pale, brown and totally completely normal breasts. In all their shapes. Yay!

Long F…. live Gravity.

Oh now that we are at women’s bodies and the possible lack of self esteem because of photoshopped supermodels, then I would like to recommend My Body Gallery who show what real women looks like.


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