The diplomatic crisis of the Ice cream drama.

Had my sister in law – or my brothers ex, as a support while I was trying to juggle all the little monsters today. OMG. What a thrill.

I love them all, but having to handle all the children on a sugar rush and all at once – or trying to solve drama’s on who should have what ice cream and why one look better or more interesting than the others, even when they really are the same and how come one ice cream lasts longer than another one, might be too much for me to handle.

Super exhausted now, so wish I had someone to spoil me just this moment. Sigh!

Anyway we came around discussing this blog, posts that I haven’t posted yet, heterosexuality, homosexuality and if my sister in law might be bi instead of straight, coming out in Singapore compared to UK/Netherlands/US, lack of rights and why life felt more free in Europe compared to Singapore.

In short while handling diapers, diplomatic breakdowns in the ice cream crisis (yes I can now handle a UN negotiation and World Peace at the same time), what candy in different colored candy wrapper, that is the best even though it is the same, then I had a great and still got time for a very free and frank discussion with my sister in law and really enjoyed this day today. Especially now when it is over.

I am going to skip my run (I OCD on running), and is just going to wrap my face around a TV-show, enjoy a light dinner and a glass of wine from a 3 day old bottle while I wait for my cousin to show up. He is going to spend time here until Friday where he is moving over to his parents place for the weekend, before returning to Australia.

I really adore my sisters and brothers children and been wondering if I should get one ( or maybe even more), but after a day like this, then my uterus close down and tie temselves up for a while.


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