Shaved, Trimmed or Jane with the jungle?

Cameron Diaz like Bush! That should have been the title of this blog. But I felt that would be too much and give me and the blog more attention than I needed.

Oh, that’s what she said!

But no, not that way, not like she finally changed team and joined the rainbow side. She in her recent book, advocate for us to grow a thick bushy jungle, you know down, there.

Now then.

It’s a good question and I will in no way make me wise on “what women prefer,” because I believe that we are quite divided on the matter.

But! Personally, I’m not into shaved pussies / cunts / va-jay-jays at all. With a little double standard from myself, because I have for years done the trip to get myself waxed every 3rd week. But no more! I’m tired of it and have been for quite a while now.

I think it’s become pretty unsexy,  actually, when an adult female somewhat resembles a too young teen between the legs . But there are certainly differences of opinions and I’ve been with women who preferred the style both on themselves and on their lovers. Well, they can pack up when it comes to me now.

Actually, I really like looking at the “jungle”, as you call it. No, not an completely untrimmed jungle that have never been touched for the last 20 years. I prefer something that have been well trimmed or kept. You take care of the hair on top of your own head right? So maybe it is time to look further down and do something there too?

And mostly because it’s a bit annoying to get hair in your mouth.

So a trimmed triangle – like relatively short hair where there should be room for my tongue . That must be the answer. But I speak definitely only for myself. However, I have the impression that most of my girlfriends – lesbians as well as straight women – like roughly the same haircut. A controlled naturalness, so to speak.

It’s been a widely active discussion between friends and even female co-workers through the time and I guess this is something that we can actively discuss without hating each other or join the trenches in the sisterhoods drama’s – right?



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