I’m the cool aunt for the day.

I am going to play the cool aunt for both my sisters and brothers children later today, yay! Looking forward to it and it’s going to be so fun. Hmm for the first two hours, then I might be exhausted and ready to faint before they have to be returned, but until then I’m going to spoil them all like never before.

But I have to keep up the reputation as the cool one in the family, while it lasts right?

Oh by the way. My brothers 4 year old. Guess what his favorite music video is? Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball! I kid you not.

Note to self, need a serious word with my brother about female role models, but then again, when I sat down and asked my nephew about the video and if he liked it, his reply was “yea, but she is not as cool as you,” aww. Extra hug for you little man!


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