In which Lesbian horror felt very real…… for a moment

Because it is very early Monday morning, and because I have the week off from work you’ll get a video that actually made ​​me cry from laughter, before I tell you about my horror story experience from yesterday’s (Sunday) morning.

I can tell you that I with 100% confidence would have been crying of distress and despair if I was dragged through a haunted house, because I am one of those who can only see a horror movie if I sit behind another person or with a large pillow in front of my face.

I would love to be one of these cool horror movie types whom I feel is kind a cool, but as soon as you press play on a movie that I know is a horror movie, my legs turns into jelly and my heart try to beat its way through my chest. It’s kind a funny because most of my friends think – or they pretend to think – that I most of the time is a quite cool person who can handle everything. But put  me in a cinema or in front of a TV with a horror movie, and I will need some serious emotional support. The worst is that my anxiety often spread to whoever sit beside me when watching the show – apparently making it much funnier to see for them?!

So whatever you do. DO NOT start Paranormal Activity or whatever, unless we agreed that you slept over – and is going to sleep beside me. And no, It’s not a good “get into her bed” strategy at all!

With this in mind. I read a freaking ghost story yesterday morning without knowing it was one before it was too late!

Gerri Hill, author of several books just released her new book called Weeping Walls. For some reason, without thinking about the title, I thought it was like her other crime books, that I love and have read to death (if you can do that to an e-book??). Well it IS a crime book, but a Crime + Ghosts  where some of the plot happens in a haunted house! Like her other books, you just can’t put them away before you are at the last page. Well I can’t.

I woke at around 5. You know it’s way too early to get up as soon as you open your eyes, and it is still at that hour where the outside sounds of the day haven’t really begun. When I woke up, my hair was a spider web as it always is after I have had an unrest full night, and sometimes I wish I could live with something very short instead of my current hair style. Just so it could be halfway decent as soon as I woke up. But halfway awake I brushed the hair away from my nose and rest of my face with my fingers, while I tried to move as little as possible.

“hrmph”, “what time is it?” I thought while I tried to locate my hand phone that should be near my pillow, but didn’t find anything.

With my face crushed into the pillow I could smell the freshly washed pillowcase from IKEA, mixed with my own smell and yesterdays perfume. I love the feel of a newly made bed, especially at that time of day. So didn’t want to get up and give up on the feeling, but at the same time I could feel that I couldn’t sleep any longer.


My face still in the pillow, I used one eye to look out at the night table. No phone, so it must have fallen onto the floor in the middle of the night. But both my airhead that S…. is calling her and the new replacement was there.

I had in November finally given up on Blackberry and purchased an Android tablet as a replacement for the little girl that I still love, but now have been turned into the world’s largest mobile mp3 player for all my music. I know that I am stubborn, but to me the Blackberry Playbook was everything that I needed, and loved the touch, feel and size of it, and this no matter what all these crazy pad people were preaching. Especially those around me. “Fuck them all”. I wanted to stay with this little girl there. But finally, I just had to give her up and get a new model. It’s still not a perfect replacement and I don’t feel comfortable with the new one yet. It didn’t feel right cheating on her, my airhead. Everything just felt odd compared to her. I guess it will come eventually and then she, my airhead will be forgotten, just like the other.

Still while in the bed halfway between dream and awake, I recalled yesterdays late night order from Bella Books that was on the tablet.  I grabbed it and tried to make myself comfortable, and get both my eyes and face working.

The book began like this.

“Mother, please.” “You’ve been avoiding me for weeks now, Paige Riley. I won’t be put off any longer.”

Paige sidestepped two men in business suits hurrying down the sidewalk like she was doing. She was late. And she was never late. “Mother, what do you want me to say?” “I want to know who that woman was in your apartment and why she was half-naked.”

And then I was in the book and couldn’t let it go before later…

“Pitch-black. Against the far wall was a door. It was closed too.” She paused, taking another sip of beer. “That’s when I felt…well, felt like I wasn’t alone. I touched the doorknob but was afraid to turn it. That’s when I felt cold air and a voice said ‘open it.’”

“Jesus,” Ice whispered.

“No shit,” CJ said

When I began reading the book, I had started reading it while laying down in bed. But reaching up to midway of the story, I was now sitting up in my Pocahontas position in the bed, with the legs crossed and the blanket wrapped around me. At the time daylight was slowly creeping in through the blinds. The traffic outside had picked up, but not by too much yet, so the most noticeable sound in the bedroom besides the sound of my own breathing, was the air-condition running at a slow speed.

a faint “ping…”, “swoosh…”.

I have just finished reading “‘No shit,’ CJ Said”, when I heard that pinging or clinging sound coming from outside the bedroom.

That was not something that I have ever heard or noticed before and I sat fully up in the bed and listened. My eyes were glued to the open bedroom door.

From my position on the bed, I could look straight into the guest bathroom in the small hall and while listening it felt like the shadows got darker in there. My heartbeat began to pump faster than it did from an already semi excited state from reading the book a few seconds earlier.


No answer and probably it was good because I would have fainted if I got an answer.

‘swoosh’, ‘clonk’, ‘clonk’. It sounded like something was slowly being dragged across the floor out in the main hall.

“Brian you dick. If this is you trying to scare me, then I will freaking kill you!” I halfway whispered out to the empty hall.

I had bought the apartment from my brother in August, but haven’t really used it much since I bought it, so my first thought was that he had come back from a heavy night out, and somehow forgot that I was here at his old place. But still no answer. No sound at all and it even felt like the city had gone dead quiet again. The only sound came from the air-condition.

It felt like the shadows in the guest bathroom got darker in front of my eyes.

“Shit, where is my phone?”

It was just not to be found from where I was sitting on the bed. Without moving.

“ping…” and then “swoosh…”, “clonk”. That sound again?

I got cold chills and it felt like the hair on my body lost the ability to obey gravity and would soon aimlessly float around my head.

“Hello. Anyone there?” I said louder.

Still no freaking answer, just silence. In my excited state, it felt like the silence was a better confirmation that something, someone was outside.


Slowly I got out of the bed, away from the door and stepped onto the floor between the bed and the windows.

“Shit I am giving myself an heart attack if this continues,” I thought, while feeling my heart beating loudly in my chest.

I walked quietly and slowly towards the bedroom door and the light switch on the wall.

Gripped something on the vanity table for protection while I slowly got to the door.

Finally reaching the door – that was only 5 steps away, but think it took me ages to get there and slowly peeked out into the hall.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

I looked down at my hands. I had taken a hairspray from the table and held my pillow in the other hand. I hadn’t realized that I had kept holding onto it, while I stepped out of the bed.

“Shit, what I am going to do with this?”, “Style a ghosts hair and smother it to death?”

Quickly looking around, I felt a draft of air coming from the guestroom that was located beside my bedroom.

While raising my hand to the light switch in the guestroom, I thought “If anything larger than a mosquito touches me now, then I will be screaming madly.”

The light turned on like it should be and I quickly looked around. – Nothing, everything was as it should be.

I looked up and noticed that the fan was slowly turning.. “oh no, it is not doing that right now!”. Quickly turning around, while thinking if I really had forgot to turn it off yesterday when I had been in the room.

The idea of a slowly turning fan, in a lit room – the only lit room in the apartment, did not ease me AT ALL.

I quickly stepped out and over to the guest bathroom, turned the light on and peeked in. Nothing.

The small office across from the bathroom and beside my bedroom. Also empty and I left the light burn there too. Well, not really empty, it was full of all my boxes and stuff that I had left and haven’t unpacked. But everything was as I left it.

Or so I felt.

I stepped into the living room, the blinds were off, just like I always leave them. Looked out at the trees, the buildings across. Felt a feeling of home – of Singapore. Some relief came slowly back to me.

While looking out on the skyline and hugging my pillow, I suddenly heard that sound again from behind me – very, very close by.

‘swosh’, ‘clonk’… ‘clonk’ like metal hitting wood and quickly turned around.

The sound came from under the front door. From the crack between the door and the floor I could see a shadow move from one side to the other. Right to left, then left to right and back again, while it looked like it moved away from the door.

For a second I was frozen to the floor while looking at the shadow, but then slowly crept towards the door. Still holding my pillow and the hairspray in my hands.

My heart beating even faster than it had done a second before.

And I felt so stupid.

Looking out through the door spy I could see that a cleaner was doing the hall floor on the outside. Moving the mop from right to left in even strokes. The ‘clonk’ sound coming from when the metal pole and mop hit the wall.

My heartbeat came down to a livable normal, while I felt happy that no one actually saw me like this and thinking “happy” but embarrassing thoughts, when I heard a slow “ping” coming from the kitchen.

The refrigerator door wasn’t properly closed.


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