A quick lesbian moment

Okay, it’s Friday morning and I wanted to post a serious NSFW, not safe for work post. But I chickened out and will wait until later, or until tomorrow because I know that some of you might react to this one, and I need some sane Singaporean feedback before I do so. Not because it is outrageous – in fact it is more natural than anything else in this world, but the video is really not for children, and not for those who feel uncomfortable with certain female body parts.

Something I really love is when I – in the company of another lesbian – have a so-called lesbian moment . It can be if we pet a cat , or if we talk too much about menstruation , babies, feelings or clothing.

Then we look at each other across the cat and say (preferably in unison ) : ” lesbian moment ” .

I don’t think that I can be gay without being meta about it too. I really don’t think I could be human without being meta about it at all. Sometimes I just feel so happy to be lesbian and nothing more than that . It take up a lot of space (whether you naturally or biologically from birth – oh whatever – have been placed ) in a category, that the majority have – if not prejudice against then at least a clear idea of ​​how you should be behaving.

Yesterday I spoke with a dear friend about parenting and she told me that she and her boyfriend / hubby almost daily evaluate their parenting tactics and isn’t that cute and sweet?

She is coming over and we haven’t seen each other in ages (like quite a lot of others), but I am feeling quite excited about seeing her again in about 45 minutes time – she is awful correct and proper at arriving on time. Something that I have heard that I should try to learn. …. hm ….

Anyway, I will show her what I planned to post and then you guys might get the weekend shock after all

Else, maybe see you in town tonight if you are planning for a hot night out?


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