It’s that time again

I had to go down and pick up my new passport today.

So while I was waiting for my turn, I recalled the last time I was there, about 3 years ago when I had to hand over the application for a new passport. My passports usually only last 2 and if I am lucky maybe even 3 years before all the pages are full. So I go through passports like someone else go through new handbags.

The last time I was there – 3 years back – to hand in the application, I had forgotten the old passport and you can’t get a new one without handing over the old one, unless you want to go down and make a police report about a lost passport. Simple as that – and super bureaucratic, not only because it was at my at that time girlfriends place – who was not home.

I am not afraid to jump out of the closet in front of strangers – and sometimes I find it a perverse pleasure to announce to absolute strangers, that “no, I don’t have a boyfriend. I have a GIRLfriend”, just to read their reaction on their face. But when I sat across this representative for the whole bureaucratic system of Singapore and had to explain that I didn’t have my passport with me because it was with my girlfriend’, I took myself in consistently trying to avoid gender-colored terms such as she‘ and ‘her’ that it almost seemed pointedly

The problem is that my passport is with my partnerSo well, so if I could ask … my partner to bring it over to you. Or hear about if   my partner… could send it to you?

My gaydar would have turned into the red zone – and with sirens too, if I heard anyone talk like that. But that’s probably just me.



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