Do you know that?

It’s crazy . But I don’t actually remember the number of times that I with a female lover have been accosted on the street.

This ranges from the classic : “Do you two need any help with that, ladies?” When you hand in hand are waiting for the green light at a pedestrian crossing over “Lesbians!!” from a random passerby and other peers on the streets around town, and of course the obvious kissing noises when big teenage boys cross our paths in the streets and parks.

Oh yea, and then the older gentleman who was waiting for a bus on New Year’s Eve, who just had to walk up to us and openly leer at our goodbye kiss. A hug was not enough for me that night so I gave my dinner partner an more than friendly good night and good bye kiss as a thanks for the earlier support (more about that in a later blog post) before she boarded the bus.

In that case, I happily responded with the international sign language for “F*** You” – an outstretched middle finger, and with a beating heart jumped into a waiting taxi, in the hope that it would drive away before he got his legs working and might do I don’t know what towards me.

I have never experienced public physical abuse related to my sexuality (knock on wood) and has previously just shrugged my shoulders of the more than indiscreet comments. But the more I think about it, and certainly the more focus that comes on the subject, the more outraged I become about the more or less subtle invasions of my privacy, that these chants and comments represents.


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