I’m spoiled and privileged

I can from time to time easily forget how good I have it. Yes, I am complaining quite a lot about LGBT rights to marry in Singapore, but I still have the option to get married and permanently live in Netherlands because of my dual citizenship (that is not really legal btw.), and despite the lack of civil rights of any kind in Singapore, then there ARE lesbian cafe’s and bar’s – who are not overly interesting btw. But they are there and don’t get raided or harrased by the police (so often). But after seeing this video, then everything that I complain about feels like minor issues.

Please spend just fourteen short minutes of your life to see this and the second movie, then you are a dear:

and this one

Then check out Oram … and what you can do to help LGBT’s around the world.


One thought on “I’m spoiled and privileged

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