Why are lesbians only friends with lesbians ?

This is not among my proudest moments , but it is still something I do regularly : Facebook spying on strangers. Maybe it’s the same as when I window shop on cute OKCupid/PinkSofa profiles?

You know, you follow a link from a peripheral friend who has been tagged in a birthday photo album , looking at about ten photos of strangers and immediately peek into a stranger ‘s profile … just to see if she got any public photos to spy on.

What in the world?!
It’s really a secret and I ‘m feeling naughty! Will I get caught! oh and will someone punish me for it? (Yes, if I did it at work…)

But in any case, we (read: I ) soon learned that the strange – woman – number-one ‘s birthday definitely only invited lesbians to her birthday party. And yes, yes – how do I now know that they are lesbians when I just revealed that I absolutely do not know any of them? But you know that I basically can tell by looking at the pictures – oh and if the whole group of girls at a birthday picture got hairstyle advice from L Words Shane, then you know what team they cheer for – and maybe it is the blown up female Sex Doll that was in the photo too??

The beauty of being lesbian is that only you and your peer group can vent our prejudices as crazy as we can. Just like that it is only approved that people with disabilities can out themselves and their handicaps. Yes double standards are beautiful. A lesbian can call another lesbian an angry dyke, but dam the hetero who does it – right?

And a living room full of girls with army cuts – or very short hair, then I’ll call it gay – said by me who would faint and even kill myself if my hair got cut short.

And that brings me to my main point:

Why are lesbians only friends with other lesbians?

Although I discovered a little half-late that I can’t do without breasts (on others) in my sex life again. So I have an well established base of straight and homo friends before then – and even adopted a few from past relationships.

Since then I have obviously built up a clique of lesbian friends, which among other things means that I cannot sit alone in the bar that I often frequent. But the funny thing is that many of them – especially the ones that came out at an early age – basically only know lesbians.

And I know that from when I studied in San Francisco, there could go weeks between meeting an actually straight person that wasn’t somehow connected UC Berkeley of some sort. My roommates were gay, the barista were gay, gay neighbors, gay, gay and gay, and only once in a while this strange hetero creature came into the circle.

But why? Are we a flock of pack animals (growl) who only play well with peers who understand what we – what other Lesbians go through in life and can be free with? Or what makes it so that lesbians are only friends with lesbians??

Yes I am going to a New Year’s party that only consist of lesbians and very gay men. I have turned into a lesbian cliche!


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