Well… I’m actually excited.

Posted 3 blog posts within a few hours earlier today and working on a rather large post about my dad.

I am excited and have been thinking about what to do with this place, because this time I don’t want to delete it after 10 blog posts, so if you like what I write – or find it remotely interesting then subscribe to my blog or even better…. COMMENT if you have anything to say.

2013 is almost over and I have quite a few things to say about the last year(s), so I already have a few posts in mind. Some of them will be:

I have to say I AM SORRY to S…. who have been writing me over and over again and I want to tell her that I have read everything she wrote to me – even the ones where I could feel that you were really tired and frustrated!

I want to talk about Japan. I want to talk about the refugee camps in South Turkey and Lebanon.

I want to talk about my little cave in Amsterdam and my neglected apartment in Singapore as well.

I will be talking about dating, conversations between real lesbians, the missing season 3 of Lip Service, Madam Vastra and why I hated The L Word but was grossly into The Real L Word.

You can be sure that I will be commenting about Saving Face more than one time and the overheated discussions about “Room in Rome”, that I have had with other Lesbians (that almost ended with me getting punched in the face).

And last I need (not want) to talk about my parents and my relations with them. Well they are both dead now and I more than ever feel that I need to get something out of my chest. So this little blog and you dear reader, will be allowed to see it all.

Yes, I will be posting some NSFW posts too. My bar is quite high, but I will try to be sensitive and remember to put [NSFW] in the subject line, if you are living in US and shouldn’t be reading it at work (or at home).

I am quite comfortable with my body, so it happens that I write and post things that sensitive minds will not be able to cope with.

Grammar NaziOh yes, this is not a blog related to my job, so my inner Grammar Nazi will take her day of, so expect some grammatical errors here and there because I might miss something after the first draft, or rewrite.

But if you understand the message, then live with it – if you can’t then feel free to comment.

OMFG! I almost forgot what I am mostly going to write about.

My So called Lesbian Life and everything related to it


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