I’m a Woman, I like cars, I wan’t a TV show about cars, made for women

Is that so difficult?

All respect for Top Gear, 5th Gear and all that, and I love the Top Gear Specials where they go to some ulu(far away) place in the world driving something that once looked like a car – or even went on a bike through Vietnam.

But what about making something for women?? I Love cars and to me a car is valued like a nice dress. It must make me feel sexy when I need it to. I want it to be super functional when I’m going somewhere. I especially need it to work with all my accessories – and I don’t mean my hand phone.

So have you ever seen a show that focused on how cars are when you drive in two inch heels? Yes there are women out there who actually know how to drive in them – including “moi”.

I would love a TV show that focused on the esthetic of the cars instead of some obscure RPM numbers that no one sane can relate to, or how many horses you can fit into the car and I don’t know what acronyms. But please make Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May test out cars in two inch heels – what cars actually have mats that don’t slip! I mean how difficult can it be for these super engineers of carmakers to invent floor mats that stay where they are supposed to be?

I always carry my lip gloss, hand cream – the good coconut one from Body Shop that make me smell of beach and holiday, my shades and a few other things. But can car makers make a compartment that is easy to reach for my hand cream and lip gloss? No, that is mission impossible for most of the car manufacturers.

Likewise is it impossible for them to make a proper vanity mirror that gives an even light for when I need to do a quick touch up here and there while driving (waiting for the light to turn green).

I don’t care about how fast a car can take me from Cannes to Central London, but sure, please tell me where there are clean and sanitized bathrooms on the way and how well the car sound and make me look while I am driving.

Tell me what do you as a woman always have or carry into your car?


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