Sex Ed in School?

Being a child of two countries, I can’t help comparing them with each other – and today it comes to the most important part of education. SEX ED is on the top of the list when it comes to mind.

Sexuality education is implemented in many secondary schools in the Netherlands, there is not an legal framework that requires it and this is why some, particularly faith-based, schools can refuse to implement sex education. Elsewhere, programmes are mostly comprehensive, often evidence-based and regularly updated.

Dutch sex education emerges from an understanding that young people are curious about sexuality and that they need, want and have a right to accurate and comprehensive information about sexual health and is takes rather serious by school management and teachers. Materials are characterized by clear, direct, age-appropriate language in attractive designs. The leading message is: If you are going to have sex, do it safely (and make sure it is fun). The leading philosophy is: Young people have the right to adequate sex education so that they can make well-informed choices in sexuality and relationships.

But in Singapore there are NO sexual education and any talk about sex before marriage is shunned about. I recall that I had one teacher who tried to talk about it and was let go a few days after because a few parents became outraged about the idea that their teenage girls would even think about sex before they turned at least 25 or was about to get married.

I firmly believe that Singapore would benefit from having an active talk about sex in primary schools, just like Netherlands does. It can only help teenagers in the end.

Next step would be to get schools in both Singapore and Netherlands to include homosexuality in the curriculum as well, while they kept it at a neutral stance. Singapore still have a rather negative view on homosexuality and the idea that two of the same gender can love each other fully is even today a rather shocking notion.

But I am looking forward to the day where sex ed teachers can walk into a classroom and say the following words. “Sex is something you do with someone of your own or the opposite sex”

Something else that could be nice (yes I am dreaming now) were if students were given a book related to sex education, that only included photos of thousands of different pussies / cunts / va-jay-jays. In that way they could see (as one learns when one has performed oral sex on another woman), that the labia may be small, large, tight or less tight. That a clitoris vary from pin to marble in size (and even in some cases may swell from one end of the size spectrum to the other if one does its job well). It could lead to the end of insecurity, and that women of all sexual interests started to actually accept and like their own bodies for what they are.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

No more questions for “Dr. Sexy”:

“Dear Dr. Sexy, I am a girl of 16 years. My labia hanging out of the crack, is this normal or am I sick? Regards the confused Capricorn.”

Wow, huh?


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