Lesbian communication

Too much talk in lesbian relationships?? I like to talk, especially when I am in a relationship, where I love to metatalk about (our) relationships with my at that time girlfriend.

But how much talk is enough? Is it a lesbian thing to talk about everything and anything that we do together, should we just DO and then stop talking about why we do it, when we do it, and why we ended up doing it like that? Am I just plain f… normal?

I hate to talk “typical lesbian”, we are just as different as anyone else in society and most of the time I am so Femme that other lesbians need a reminder that I got through the initiation with flying colors and is a fully fledged member of the secret society. But over and over again I find myself in the usual and typical lesbian situation. Is it only in lesbian relationships it is like this, or do Hetros also end up like this? Do they talk just as much about things and personal events that we have no hope to change or do anything about??



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