Kiss your girlfriend in public day


When was the last time you kissed your girlfriend in public? My guess is never because you are afraid of the Auntie army of Singapore who all seems to be armed with camera phones, and you know that Stomp is just one click away from making you a known face.

I feel that we need a Kiss Your Girlfriend on the MRT day soon. Not only to make a statement, but also that state sponsored hate sites are just not okay. Websites like that is a shame to the country and it’s people. Who not only use it as a shaming pole, but also make sure that noone or nothing goes outside the comformaty of the masses or at least from what the socalled “uncle” government tells us.

As a Lesbian I want to make a statement. A statement that it is okay to show affection between a same sex couple. No matter if it is a male or a female gay couple and that we walk among you.

Kiss your girlfriend in public day could be an event that only promoted love. It wouldn’t promote an anti PAP political agenda, but only a demand that acceptance is the right and only way to go.

A survey from 2011 showed that less than 10% of homosexuals in Singapore showed any affection outside their homes towards each other. Isn’t that a shame? You love someone and everything in your body scream to be able to touch your partner, but as soon as you go outside, you try to keep at least a one foot distance from each other so noone find out what you are and who you love?

Singapore could be so much more, but in the end it will only be so less.


2 thoughts on “Kiss your girlfriend in public day

    • I think you are right it will happen at a slower pace than in western countries. But I feel that I have little patience to wait for that day to happen :-)

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